Knee High Painkillers Socks (FOAM SEWN IN)

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FP MFG Painkillers socks are embedded with Artilage (Artificial Cartilage Foam) in the shin and ankle bone areas to protect from shinners… Artilage is a unique type of memory foam that becomes firm when impacted therefore allowing the socks to be comfortable and form fitting like a normal sock while still being very protective.

– Quality construction for lasting durability

– Fits men size 6-13, cotton/poly blend

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg
Men's Size

LRG (8-14), SM (5-9.5)

10 reviews for Knee High Painkillers Socks (FOAM SEWN IN)

  1. Tranny SUrgeon

    I snapped my leg and broke the ends of both sides of my ankle last spring skating on a dusty barn ramp! These things saved my tibia from being pushed out of the skin according to my surgeon! They took the most of the quick impact of the leg shattering after putting all my weight into it and kept the skin intact even as its being stretched. If it were any worse and I had a compound fracture in the environment of the barn, I could have had serious infection and some serious complications on top of what is now 6 months recovery time! These also do wonders for shinners from my board, ledges, and ramp coping. I’m just about to buy myself some more since the hospital cut the one off and I hope to be skating soon finally!

  2. Matthew Schnapp

    Ultimate protection and comfort for skateboarding. Protects ankle and full length of the shin.

  3. Chris Molina

    I wore these whole skating my rail and I totally went to far over on a 50-50 grind and I bust the fuck out of my shin! Although the initial impact still hurt (significantly less pain then without wearing the painkillers) I thought I would have this big ass gash in my shin. I took off the sock and I didn’t have one scratch not even a mark nor swelling! These things work and clearly are made for skating the fuck out of thanks Fpinsoles!

  4. Michael H

    I don’t understand why everyone isn’t using these socks. I’m soo glad the came out with Knee high painkillers, I used to buy extra painkillers, cut off the tops, and slip those on up to below my knees to get the same effect as the knee highs. You still feel pain when you hit your shins, but the skin doesn’t get broken. No more daily painful showers after skating.

  5. Henry Garcia

    Starting off with the knee high painkillers, they certainly do the job of preventing ankle and shin bruises, however, I just wish they went all the way up to my knees. I was expecting the guard to prevent my first hit on my shin, but my board hit just an inch shy above where the guard ends from the top. Suffice it to say, they do an excellent job of those nasty ankle hits. For the insole, Gamechangers, it took one skate session to adapt to them. They definitely do the job of preventing my feet from the pain I usually feel after an hour long session at the skatepark. I have flat feet and my feet bruise and swell very easily. I’m happy and very satisfied with these insoles!

  6. Audrey Cook

    I got these for my son for Christmas and he LOVES them. He didn’t like wearing shin guards while skateboarding because they are bulky and he was constantly whacking the sides of his ankles, these socks solve both those problems and he says they are just really comfortable and supportive, I will definitely be ordering more of these!

  7. Jose

    This are amazing they work can feal the inpoct but not the pain they prevent shiners and other bruises and swelling

  8. Krystal Esparza

    These socks are the best thing I’ve ever owned, from day one I put em to the test and slammed the shit out of my shins several times skating a picnic bench and didn’t even have a bruise after the session. Does still hurt a bit if you hit yourself hard enough, but not NEARLY as bad, and I’ve yet to get a bruise or scar from any slams since I’ve had these. I’ve put em through about 6 months of skating and they are still PERFECT. The material is very resilient, I’ve torn through my jeans plenty of times while wearing these and never tore the socks. Even when wearing shorts I have not ruined them. They’re easy to clean since they can be washed with your regular clothes so no special maintenance is required. Reeeaally wish I had these socks 10 years ago. I would have been spared from expensive hospital visits, stitches and soooo much pain.

  9. TylerT

    These are great. Some people complain about stiffness but I don’t feel any less mobility . They make me skate with more confidence and commitment. Used both pairs I bought before laundry day so I skated with my regular ankle socks the other day and smacked the shit outta my ankle with the board, bruised AF and had to take a few days off. I ordered 3 more pairs as I don’t wanna skate without em

  10. Taylor Wall (verified owner)

    Very happy with the knee high Painkillers socks, except for the overall length of the socks. I was expecting the “Knee High” length socks to at least come close to the bottom of my knees, however, they are about 4 inches below the bottom of my knees. I ordered 4 pairs at the same time & was sent 3 pairs with blue foam & 1 pair with black foam. The black foam socks are much more pliable & flexible. The black foam socks are noticeably stiffer. While I like the flexibility that the black (foam) socks offer, they do not offer near the level of protection that the stiffer blue (foam) socks do. Not sure why the foam was different in one pair but they all serve there purpose well & are very good socks. Will be ordering a few more pairs soon & hopefully they will be longer.

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