FP Footwear Mark I DGS Elite

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  • true to size fit guarantee– we will pay return shipping if the shoe doesn’t fit ( see below for details)
  • rubber toe cap for extreme durability
  • custom formulated abrasion resistant rubber compound in outsole
  • absorbs up to 90% of shock energy from the first to last day of use

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True to size fit guarantee

Follow these steps and if the shoes don’t fit, we will pay for your return shipping.

  1. Measure the length of the center line of insoles in your current shoes and buy the corresponding size:


  • 7 = 26.5 cm
  • 7.5 = 26cm
  • 8 = 26.5 cm
  • 8.5 = 27 cm
  • 9 =27.5 cm
  • 9.5= 28 cm
  • 10 =28.5 cm
  • 10.5 = 29 cm
  • 11 = 29.5 cm
  • 11.5 = 30 cm
  • 12 = 30.5 cm
Technology :

Dynamic Gait Stabilization Outsole System.

  • Dynamic: The outsole adapts to each step and point of impact, absorbing nearly all shock energy.
  • Gait : Built in heel cup and arch support guide the adaptive reaction of FluidX Non Newtonian Protection to support your foot’s bio mechanical performance.
  • Stabilization: During large impacts stabilization of the joints is supported.
  • Performance comparison: Nike Janoski Lunarlon 53% energy absorption | FP DGS 91% energy absorption.
Impact Energy:No shoe before has ever come close to the level of energy absorption in the FP DGS System. Expect an entirely new experience.
Board Feel:Because the DGS outsole has been hollowed out and filled with soft FluidX Protection material in the place of traditional rubbers and foams, the FP shoe has superior board feel and flexibility. It’s like a kungfu shoe that absorbs all the energy.
Joint Support:A deep heel cup and arch guide are built into the outsole which guides the impact and helps the ankle stay in a stable neutral position on big impacts and jumps, avoiding over pronation and helping to prevent serious injuries.
Kingfoam Insole:In addition to our revolutionary DGS outsole, each FP shoe comes stock with our signature Kingfoam Insoles. yes, that’s right. You’ll never have to fear a foot impact injury again.
Extended Durability:While other shoe cushioning materials start bad and end worse, our FluidX insert will continue to absorb energy from the first day of use to the last day. Simply put, it will out live the shoe.

Additional information

Dimensions 14 × 10 × 10 cm

M 6.5, M 7, M 7.5, M 8, M 8.5, M 9, M 9.5, M 10, M 10.5, M 11, M 11.5, M 12, M 12.5, M 13


Black, Brick, Charcoal

4 reviews for FP Footwear Mark I DGS Elite

  1. bryant.rich (verified owner)

    I’ve had the Mark 1 DGS Elite for close a month now and these are the best shoes yet. The best feature for me is the toe box width, which allows your foot to file x properly without pinching the pinky toe at all. Also, the shoe volume is much improved over the Citrus and Sentinel, which means there’s room to put in the Kingfoam 7mm Flat, 5mm Flat as well as the Kingfoam Orthotics. I ended up buying the Black and Charcoal thinking I’d wear one for work and the other for skating, but I’m wearing them all the time for nearly everything. They’re super comfortable and have almost a zero offset/heel-toe drop which is perfect for body alignment. Just be sure to follow the size chart as the shoes do fit true to siz, even for wide feet, just like the FP insole. Go a size up if you wear thick socks like Thorlos. Now, I’m just waiting on the Mark 1 DGS Elite Mid top. Great shoe FP keep up the good work.

  2. cmce922

    Best shoes period…they break in the second you put them on..awesome combo with the kingfoam elites…no impact with all the same board feel. Definitely worth every dollar! @connorsisacriddler IG

  3. dannyboy060606 (verified owner)

    Dudes this shoe legit broke in so quickly. Flexible straight out of the box and it fits true to size. Seriously a great fit. Round toe which I absolutely love. As well as lightweight and has the perfect board feel in my opinion. For sure buying another pair when these get dusted.

  4. Michael Maldonado (verified owner)

    These shoes are actually pretty damn good.
    I saw them featured on Braille Skateboarding’s YouTube channel and then found this web site. They grip and feel so nice on the board.
    The only couple downsides to theses where the stitching and the insoles. I figured the outside stitching would’ve held up a bit longer on the pinky toe area but it tore just a little. Also the inside stitching is a little loose. Really not a huge deal but anyway. Also thought these had king foam or game changer orthotics but they have a thinner model in them. Feel really great Though. Also, if your concerned about wide feet fitting, don’t. Wow they work once you fine tune the laces. Great shoe. Could be cheaper, but what are you gonna do. Invest.

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